Digital Strategy

We offer SEO services, social media integration such as pimping your Facebook page, we create and manage MailChimp campaigns, we manage Google Adwords shopping campaigns and datafeeds that achieve cumulative growth for your business.

We Offer Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) within your budget

Benefits of our service:

1. Better ROI (Return on Investment) than normal Ads

2. The results are low cost (In comparison to Adwords and PPC)

3. The results are permanent

4. Increase your site usability

5. Higher Brand Credibility

6. Definite increase in traffic

7. 250 Million websites on the web, we’ll make you stand out


Search Engines and Getting Your Site Higher
SEO can give your site the edge and make it visible amongst the saturation of competing websites within your business niche. Search engine bots crawl websites every day to find specific keywords related to daily searches on the internet.  We need to get the right keywords for your business built into your site in a way that helps, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines reference the content for your site higher than other companies in that area.  Therefore, optimizing a site with the proper keywords and brand related services are essential for exposure through search engines.  Always remember that most people find everything through search engines now-a-days, so if your site is not showing up in those searches, there is a good chance users are not finding your site.

Marketing your company can be expensive, but with SEO techniques most of these costs disappear.  In the past costly advertisements in newspapers, radio, magazines and television were required to get your name brand out there, but SEO gives your brand the exposure it needs online for a fraction of the price and the results are online 24/7!

Higher Conversions
The goal of your website is to gain conversions, whether it be for someone to read your blog, subscribe to your email list, purchase your product or ask for your services.  SEO allows for targeted marketing which matches up people looking for your product or services and brings them directly to your website.  The combination of search engines finding your site and a user-friendly experience means potential customers are more likely to find your site and purchase something.

A Faster Website
This ties in directly to the user-experience, where an optimized website usually results in faster page downloads and therefore makes your customers happier because of simple navigation.

Thinking Long-Term
The greatest benefit of marketing a business online is the potential for infinite exposure.  SEO allows for your website to remain visible to potential customers for as long as it remains online.  With past marketing techniques you would have to pay for the ability to remain competitive.  For example, a company might go under if they do not pay for a magazine article every month.  Now search engines will continue marketing you company into the future.

Basic WordPress SEO covers:

  •    Site submission to Google, Bing , Yahoo, Yandex
  •    The best URLs should be considered for new sites.
  •     Permalink structure
  •     Optimize your Titles for SEO
  •     Controlling titles
  •     Optimizing individual posts
  •     Optimize your descriptions
  •     Image optimization
  •     XML sitemaps

 Advanced SEO options include:

1. Template optimization

  •  Breadcrumbs
  •  Headings
  •  Clean up your code
  •  Aim for speed
  • Rethink that sidebar
  • HTML sitemaps
  • Author highlighting

Advanced WordPress SEO part 2


  •  Noindex, follow archive pages and disable some archives
  • Disable unnecessary archives
  • Pagination
  • Nofollowing unnecessary links
  • Canonical

 Advanced SEO Part 3

  • A site structure for high rankings
  • Pages instead of posts
  • New wine in an old bottle
  • Linking to related posts
  • Go easy on the tags
  • Conversion optimization

Comment optimization

  •  How you get people to comment
  • Bond with your commenters
  •  Keeping people in the conversation


Off site blog SEO


  • Follow your commenters
  • Use Facebook, Twitter
  • Find related blogs, and work them