Wellness Leadership


Juicy Websites has partnered with the Wellness Leadership Academy to bring our practitioner clients business coaching and mentoring

Wellness Leadership Academy was created by Andy Ramsay, a Coach for Practitioners and a fellow practitioner and clinic manager

Wellness Leadership Coaching will provide you with a simple 6 steps process that:
1) Introduces simple systems to automate your practice so it functions without you even there.
2) Helps you find and build a local and global audience so you make the difference you’ve always wanted to make.
3) Helps you create residual income streams that are aligned with your Heart, so your practice can evolve financially and you get to experience the freedom of being a Wellness Leader.

As a partner of Juicy Websites, Andy offers a special complimentary consultation to all practitioners who are 100% ready to invest their time and energy into creating their dream practice.

You can check out more about Andy here: Wellness Leadership Academy
Or on Facebook: Wellness Leadership Academy